Cardio makes the world go round. We love all the calorie burning, heart healthy, sweat inducing quality that it possesses, but maybe we can do even more. Pairing some bodyweight exercises with that cardio will help us keep toned, fit, and slimmer than ever. So grab your favorite map workout, get in that run or ride, and then find an open space to finish with a few of my favorite bodyweight movements. Try to do these for 1 minute each!

1. Burpees: Push up, pop feet in toward hands, stand up, jump, then drop back down to that push up. Repeat!

2. Jump Lunges: Drop into a lunge, with a jumping motion switch the places of your feet, and drop back into a deep lunge. Repeat!

3. Frog Push Ups: Push up, then hop feet in as close to your hands as you can with one jump, then pop them back out to push up position. Repeat!

4. Reverse Snow Angels: Lay on your stomach, lift chest and legs off the ground and move those arms and legs like you’re making a snow angel.

5. In and Outs: Take a seat and lift feet off the ground, extend those legs out, and then bring them back into the chest. Repeat!

6. Single Leg Hip Raises: Lay flat on your back, bringing feet in close to the glutes, straighten one leg, and raise hips up until there is a straight line from the shoulder to the knee. Lower hips and repeat. Switch legs halfway through.

7. Plié Squat to Calf Raises: Take feet out wide, toes pointing out at 45 degrees, and drop into a 90 degree squat. While holding the squat lift heels as high as you can. Alternate feet if needed.

With bodyweight training it’s still very easy to get that heart rate soaring, so you can get all those running and cycling benefits, while also building lean muscles. Get ready to say hello to a whole new you!

Becca Capell
iFit Head Trainer