No one wants to slip into that little black dress or try to button up a pair of jeans with a bloated stomach. Do you ever wonder what is causing that unwanted belly bloat or how to get rid of it? Here are tips and tricks to use everyday.

Tips to Avoid Belly Bloat:

Check for Allergies: You may have an allergy or be intolerant to dairy and wheat/gluten.

Eat Slower: Eating your meals too quickly can increase air intake as you are gobbling your food, causing excess space in stomach.

Stay away From Carbonation: The bubbles in carbonation can increase your chances of getting belly bloat.

Limit Sodium: Decreasing your sodium intake will decrease your chance of bloating.

Beware of Beans and Gassy Vegetables: Don’t take beans and gassy vegetables out of your diet, but try steaming your veggies or limiting your intake of beans and gassy veggies.

Too Little or Too Much Fiber: Too little fiber can cause constipation which increases your chance of getting belly bloat, although too much fiber can also be a problem.

Sugar Substitutes: Artificial sweeteners can be hard for some people to digest.

What do I do if I am Bloated?

Fluids: Drink lots of water or try Peppermint Tea.

Increase Potassium: Eat foods with high potassium to help stimulate your body.

Take a Walk: Taking a 15-20 minute rapid walk will help alleviate bloat.

Apply Gentle Pressure: Gently massaging your stomach will help release tension in your stomach.

Moderate Exercise: Moderate exercise at least 3x every week will decrease your chance of bloating.