Boston Marathon Story 4 – Alex Ipson

Alex is a member of the iFit team that had the amazing opportunity of running the Boston Marathon. Read about the Boston Marathon 2013 experience through Alex Ipson’s Eyes. Read More

April 24, 2013

Cold Weather Training Tips

Is the weather outside in the single digits or that blizzard decided to hit so conveniently during your run, and your lungs are still feeling the aftermath? Don’t let cold weather take away your outdoor runs, but learn how to safely run in the cold. Read More

January 31, 2013

Marathon Training

Be prepared for your first or 10th marathon with these 10 tips. Read More

January 03, 2013

How to become a marathon runner

Are you a marathon runner or striving to become one? Read the following tips and suggestions to get training and prepared for race day. Read More

October 01, 2012

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