Gymnastique suédoise 05.06

Démarrer votre semaine avec cette combustion des calories routine sûr d'obtenir le pompage du sang. En savoir plus

Vendredi Gratuit 05.03

It's movie time! Bring the popcorn because we will be doing a whole workout based on popular movies. It's showtime at the iFit Daily. En savoir plus

Récupération 05.02

Mid-week recovery is very important for your body, muscles and general wellbeing. Give yourself a break, as Natalie helps get your body back in balance. En savoir plus

Force 05.01

Pump up your week with an all new strength workout with Natalie. En savoir plus

Coupez le tronc 04.30

Trim that tummy into something you can be proud of on beach day. Join the class and have fun. En savoir plus

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