Erholung 05.02

Mid-week recovery is very important for your body, muscles and general wellbeing. Give yourself a break, as Natalie helps get your body back in balance. Lesen Sie weiter

Stärke 05.01

Pump up your week with an all new strength workout with Natalie. Lesen Sie weiter

Schneiden Sie die Trunk 04.30

Trim that tummy into something you can be proud of on beach day. Join the class and have fun. Lesen Sie weiter

Leibesübungen 04.29

Willkommen die Woche mit einem kleinen Feuer in den Muskeln. Join us for calisthenics and burn your way into that body you've always wanted. Lesen Sie weiter

Frei Freitag 04.26

Have a jumprope ready for this calorie burning workout that will bring out your inner child. Lesen Sie weiter

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