New Year’s Resolutions

7 ways to help you reach your goals for the new year En savoir plus

Janvier 01, 2014

How Alcohol Could Be Sabotaging Your Workout

5 reasons to watch your alcohol consumption this holiday season En savoir plus

Décembre 26, 2013

Holiday Run & Montez

You are invited to join the iFit Holiday Run & Ride on 12/23 - 12/27! En savoir plus

Décembre 23, 2013

Stay in Shape through the Holidays

Does your workouts get pushed to the bottom of your To Do list? You may not always have an hour to workout or even time to go to the gym, so here are some quick workouts you can do from home to stay in shape through the holiday season... En savoir plus

Décembre 21, 2013

Marchez-vous maigre

How to reach your fitness goals without running a single step En savoir plus

Décembre 18, 2013

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