Spring is here, which means summer is right around the corner. With summer’s arrival come vacations, swimsuits and a change in apparel. It is time to throw in your cozy winter sweaters for something a little lighter. Are you feeling a little “soft” after a cold, long winter? If so, keep reading for a few tips to prep your body for summer.


Jump on the NordicTrack x9i and increase the incline by 40% to really work your glutes. Walking at an incline will greatly increase the intensity of your cardio workout while toning your backside.


Do more than just the basic crunch because they only target a limited area of your core. There are many moves that can strengthen and tone your core, i.e. the plank, the bicycle and v-sits.


Unlike creams, gels, and wishes, jumping rope is the most effective way to rid your butt and thighs of cellulite. In addition to blasting cellulite, this great workout shapes your calves and strengthens the heart.


If you don’t do this already, make this a regular addition to your workout program. Squats are possibly the best weight-training exercise you can do to improve your lower physique. They will tone your thighs and glutes while burning calories making this a double reward.


Doing intervals instead of slow steady cardio will burn more calories, and help you get results in a shorter period of time.

What do you do to prepare your body for summer?

Written by Amy Jensen