The all new 2013 ProForm® Centennial TDF bike will have you exploring the world from inside your living room. Think it’s too crazy to be true? We would too, but you can watch live footage from the Tour De France, as you ride with the pros to the top of Alpe D’Huez. Hit the streets right from your home.

The TDF bike is not only the official training cycle of Le Tour De France but also is the only bike to have 20% incline and 20% decline. You didn’t think it could get much better did you? Choose a spot to ride anywhere in the world and your bike will automatically incline/decline to the outdoor terrain while displaying Google Street View, powered by iFit.

About the TDF

The 2013 TDF Bike has built in power meter, silent magnetic resistance and is the only training bike with iFit technology, intelligent enough to take you to the summit. Multi-task, view your course or track your workout with a 7” full color touch display built into your equipment. All bikes have intelligent wind resistance, where you can personalize your wind profile by calculating your unique key measurements, your indoor cycle applies the same natural resistance you would feel on the road. With 30 configurable electronic gears you can match them to your personal outdoor cycle.

iFit Compatible

With iFit you are able to watch HD video of the actual Tour Stages as you ride alongside the pros, or watch google Street View with 21 pre-drawn maps of the 2013 Tour stages in the iFit Fitness Shop. You can also draw a map anywhere in the world, complete the course, then share it with your friends. iFit will track the history and statistics of all indoor workouts completed on your equipment, and all outdoor workouts completed with the iFit Cycling App, to keep all your rides in one central hub.


ProForm® Centennial TDF

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2013 Tour De France Stages

The 100th edition of Le Tour de France features several special, first-ever visits to the island of Corsica, the famous Mont-Saint-Michel, two ascents of l’Alpe d’Huez, and a night finish on the Champs-Elysees. The finish also includes a loop around the Arc du Triomphe for the first time. Experience all these special highlights as you ride 20 mile segments of the 21 stages of Le Tour de France 2013.

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25 Greatest Climbs

Prepare yourself to sit back and grind it out during these 25 climbs throughout mountain passes around the world. Over the course of the 25 routes, you will have over 50,000 feet in elevation gain. Your legs will burn, but it will all be worth it to see the gorgeous views on top.

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Century Training

Get ready for cycling season with our Century Training program. Based on percentages of your threshold wattage, this training program is for any cyclist that wants to have their best century performance yet. Simply test your threshold level and review the percentage of maximum effort descriptions to personalize the training program to you. It’s time to put your power meter and legs to work as you reach a new level of fitness.

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